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IC Programming

Whether your requirements are for prototype builds, small programming runs or production quantities APS can meet your needs.

If you are looking for a company who can program Integrated Circuits, it may seem like a simple process, however it is essential that you choose a company with a high level of handling procedures to ensure your parts do not get damaged during the programming process.

Firmware changes can be expected in manufacturing. APS has systems in place to handle code changes to ensure that the correct firmware is used. Samples are completed within 24hrs of receiving a new revision to your code.

  • Support for over 70,000 devices and growing daily.
  • 3-Day turnaround on 99% of orders processed (quantity dependent).
  • Support for all package types including: BGA, PQFP, TSOP, PLCC, SOIC, DIP.
  • Parts can be dropshipped directly to APS.
  • Stock of bulk parts can be maintained on APS premises in the secure storage area.
  • Laser Marking, Labeling, Ink-Dotting.
  • APS utilizes state of the art programming equipment from BP Microsystems, Xeltek , Data I/O and more.

Tape and reeling available for programmed and non-programmed parts.

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