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Laser/Ink Marking & Capton Labeling

In a constantly evolving electronics industry, accurate component identification and traceability have become paramount. Recognizing this critical need, APS is thrilled to introduce its state-of-the-art Laser/Ink Marking and Kapton Labeling services.

Our Laser/Ink Marking capability employs the latest technology to create sharp, permanent imprints on ICs and various electronic components. Whether it’s intricate patterns, serial numbers, logos, or barcodes, we ensure high-resolution marking without compromising the integrity of the component. This method is not just about branding; it’s about ensuring every single piece can be traced back, which is crucial for quality control and regulatory compliance.

Meanwhile, our Kapton Labeling service is designed for electronics that endure extreme temperatures and environments. Kapton, a polyimide film known for its thermal stability and resistance to chemicals, is ideal for labeling components that undergo testing, shipping, and deployment in challenging conditions. By using Kapton labels, we guarantee that each component is clearly identified, and the labels remain readable and intact throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Beyond mere identification, these services enhance the overall reliability and accountability of your electronic components. With APS’s commitment to quality and precision, our clients can be confident that every marked or labeled component aligns with the industry’s best practices and standards. Partner with APS to ensure your components stand out in clarity, durability, and compliance.

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